Episode 19: Ralphie Jacobs – Look for the Good. You have the Power to Change your Behavior as the Parent.

Ralphie Jacobs is a positive parenting expert and shares “life changing parenting truths” through her courses over at Simply on Purpose and through her wildly popular instagram. She is the mother of four and has a big passion for arming parents with powerful parenting skills that will change your home.

In this episode we talk about being a safe parent and what that means, families having different boundaries – there is no one right way, and the most important take away from this episode in my opinion is that we can’t “fix” our kids but we can take charge of our own behavior and that’s where it all starts.

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What we talked about:

4:30- Introduction to Ralphie and what she does with Simply on Purpose

8:20- What it means to be a “safe parent”

14:40- The reason why children might still misbehavior even with positive parenting implemented in the home

20:05- Doing the work now and implementing positive parenting now can make it easier for the future

23:50- Parenting teenagers

25:45- The changing role of a parent

27:45- Navigating a child’s disrespectful behavior

32:25- Parenting being all about the parent’s behavior

34:55- Why there’s been a shift in parenting in recent years

36:55- The importance of boundaries in parenting

41:30- When and how to introduce technology to children and setting boundaries around that

55:00- End of podcast questions


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