Episode 299: Patrick Cutter – Running + Lifting = Happy Runner

Patrick Cutter joins me on the show today! He’s a 2:34 marathoner and 1:12 half marathoner. He also really loves lifting weights as well- which I was excited to hear more about because I’ve been into lifting myself these days!

Patrick coaches around 50 athletes with Mckirdy Trained and I can tell is super invested in his athletes and helping them to become the best runners they can be. Last March he suffered from blood clots in his lungs and shares about that experience and how he’s doing now! He has a great perspective on everything and it was truly refreshing to talk with him for the show!

SIDE NOTE- My mic didn’t turn on right for this episode and my end is kind of low on volume and a bit staticky. I’m so annoyed with myself! I hope it’s not too annoying- such a rookie move for someone who is not a rookie anymore.

What we talked about:

4:50- Introduction to Patrick’s lifting and running

6:15- His progression in running

10:40- How he got connected with his coach and the progression that he has seen since working with him

13:45- Patrick’s lifting routine

17:45- Finding a balance between running and lifting

20:20- Having blood clots in his lungs

39:00- Becoming a virtual running coach and leaving his previous coach

42:40- Sharing the journey on Instagram and the positive impact that he hopes to have on people

46:00- The runners that he typically coaches

48:40- Goals for the upcoming year in running and what 2020 looked like

52:30- Favorite workouts while training for a mile race

57:50- End of podcast questions

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