Episode 74: Angie and Kyle Gallus- Creating Inclusion in the Pet Industry

Kyle and Angie are two former special education teachers that founded the company, Finley’s, in 2016 when they saw an opportunity to make a big impact in the community. Finley’s is a pet treat company that creates paid employment opportunities for people with disabilities. They give 50% of their profits to initiatives that provide employment training, accessibility, health & wellness, and advocacy platforms for people with disabilities.

Kyle and Angie are so passionate about making a big impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities and creating awareness throughout the community.

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

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What we talked about:

2:35- Introduction to Angie and Kyle and what Finley’s is

6:10- The business model of Finley’s and how the ambassadors play a role in the business

8:00- The hiring process of their employees with disabilities (their ambassadors) and the jobs that they do within the company

13:00- Their giving initiatives of giving 50% of their profits back to provide employment training, accessibility, health and wellness and advocacy platforms for people with disabilities

15:35- What they wish that every company knew about hiring individuals with disabilities

20:10- Their goals to be a stepping stone for the ambassadors to grow into roles in other companies and areas of the community

22:50- Challenges that they faced at the beginnings of their company

26:50- When they realized the business was going to take off and be successful

28:35- Learning curves that they have had as they’ve stepped into business and management roles

33:00- Each of their unique strengths that they bring to Finley’s while being in business as a married couple

36:50- Things coming up that they are excited about

38:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Kyle’s book recommendation: So You Wanna Start a Brewery? by Tony Magee

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