Episode 298: Erika Kemp – Training for the Olympic Standard with the B.A.A.

Erika Kemp joins the podcast today! She runs with the Boston Athletic Association with Adidas and is currently training to hit the Olympic Standard in the 5K. She’ll be racing in Austin, TX in a few weeks to try and get the job done. She is currently just 4 seconds away from the standard with a 5K PR of 15:14 currently.

Erika was a 6X All American at North Carolina State University after a rocky start to running in HS which she’ll share about in this episode! She 2019 US 15K campion and placed second in the US 5K road championships in 2018.  She loves coffee and and calms my nerves about how I order my coffee at hipster coffee shops.

What we talked about:
4:45- Being a part of Team BAA and her decision to sign with Adidas/BAA

11:55- Erika’s high school running experience

16:40- Growing up with her dad in the Air Force

19:45- Her decision to run professionally and her collegiate coach’s guidance through that process

21:25- Recapping her US title in the 15k

26:00- Her current goals and racing plans in the near future

28:50- What her training looks like and her experience working with Morgan Uceny and Mark Carroll as her coaches

35:05- Her career dreams outside of running and her current work as a barista

44:10- What this past year looked like for her

48:35- End of podcast questions

Show Notes:
Boston Athletic Association
Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

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