Episode 73: Tina Beauvais- Be Kind, Live Kind

Tina Beauvais joins the podcast today!

Tina Beauvais is one of the co-founders of Be Kind Live Kind and the Disability Inclusion Educator. She is on a mission to teach parents and children the best ways to include individuals with disabilities and special needs. Tina’s daughter, Noel, who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at 5 months old, is the motivation and inspiration behind all of the work that she does.

Be Kind Live Kind is an online shop as well as a boutique in Greeley, Colorado. They sell various types of apparel, accessories, stickers, and jewelry with the intention of spreading the message of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Through their shop, they dedicate the sales of specific designs each month to raise funds for a family that is caring for a child with a disability. At the time of this interview, they were still running the shop out of Tina’s home as solely an online shop but since the business got such a great response from the community, they have opened a brick and mortar location.

Tina’s work as the Disability Inclusion Educator is designed to help parents to raise disability inclusive kids as well as educate the general community on how to connect with individuals with disabilities and special needs. She does advocacy work through her online platforms and speaks to students, parents and educators on the message of inclusion.

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

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What we talked about:

5:20- What she does through her Disability Inclusion Educator work

8:45- Her family and having a blended family with her husband, Dustin

12:35- What her children have learned from having a sibling with a disability

16:45- The advice that she would give a family that has received a recent diagnosis that their child has a disability

18:30- How you can help a family that just received the diagnosis that their child has a disability

19:40- Misconceptions that people have about people with disabilities

21:00- Her reaction when she received the diagnosis that her daughter had muscular dystrophy

23:45- How they had a community of people running for Noel through their initiative “Steps for Noel”

28:10- The joys that Noel brings to her life

34:25- Noel’s involvement in the Be Kind Live Kind Shop and their monthly program to help other families that are caring for an individual with a disability

39:30- What Be Kind Live Kind is and the mission behind it

42:05- The vision that Tina has to hire individuals with disabilities for her company

46:55- The community response when the business was launched and how they have grown since

50:25- The message that she hopes to get across with her Disability Inclusion Educator work

53:50- Her 5-10 year plan and goals for her work as the Disability Inclusion Educator

1:03:20- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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