Episode 16: Wendy Snyder – Redirecting Behavior & Designing Logical Consequences

Wendy Snyder is the fonder of Fresh Start Families. She is a Positive Parenting Teacher & Family Coach, helping families parent with great purpose and intention by creating healthy, respectful & cooperative relationships. She is a Certified Parent Educator of Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) and an advocate for families.

In this episode we talk about strong willed kids, age appropriate behavior and the power surges kids go through at different ages. We also talk about redirecting behavior and teaching our kids about their feeling. Lastly we finish off talking about agreements ahead of time and designing logical consequences.

This episode is packed with actionable take aways!

Make sure you check out Wendy’s 5 Day Free Parenting Challenge – free 5 day mini courses that starts on Monday, January 25th!

What we talked about:

3:30- Introduction to Wendy and Fresh Start Families

7:45- Definition of a strong willed child

17:30- The difference between punishment and discipline

28:00- Steps of discipline

42:45- Creating logical consequences

50:30- Free parenting challenge that Wendy is offering

52:40- End of podcast questions

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Redirecting Children’s Behavior

Jesus the Gentle Parent

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