Episode 297: Allie Ostrander – 3X NCAA Champion on running with Brooks Beasts & Coaching

Allie Ostrander joins us today! She is a Steeple Chaser and runs for the Brooks Beast professionally. Allie is a three time NCAA champion. She ran for Boise State University and is originally from Alaska!

Allie recently took a position as a volunteer coach at Seattle Pacific University and I LOVED hearing about her passion for coaching and what she hopes to bring to the team over there as well as her long term dreams for coaching athletes to reach big goals.

Allie is coming off an injury and has her sights set on the Olympic Trials this summer with plans for some good track racing this spring!

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What we talked about: 

5:45- Her position as a volunteer assistant coach for Seattle Pacific University

9:00- Joining Brooks Beasts and the team dynamic that they have

10:00- The recent injury that she is coming off of and the build back into training

11:25- Training goals for the immediate future

14:55- Her relationship with Brooks as a sponsor and the Brooks Beasts team

16:50- How she got started in steeplechase

18:15- Her decision to turn pro rather than use her last year of eligibility at Boise State

22:05- How she got connected with her agent, Ray Flynn

24:00- Her experience with PRP injections for an Achilles injury

25:25- Her mindset going into the Olympic Trials this year

26:30- Her experience competing at the 2019 World Championships

27:40- Her relationship with Danny Mackey as a coach

32:45- How all of her relationships with coaches play into her own coaching

39:00- Growing up in Alaska

41:45- How she met her boyfriend, Spencer (The Athlete Special)

46:00- Her food Instagram- @ohlawdwenommin

47:30- End of podcast questions

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