Episode 72: Amy Carver and RJ Heckelman- Trips For Kids

Amy Carver is the Program and Development Manager and RJ Heckelman is the National ReCyclery and Resource Manager at Trips for Kids.

Trips for Kids is a national nonprofit organization with chapters in various parts of the country that provides transformative cycling experiences to promote healthy, recreational lifestyles, environmental awareness, and personal empowerment for young people of all communities, especially those in need. They are working to create a world where every kid has the opportunity to ride a bike.

In this episode, RJ and Amy talk about what Trips for Kids is, the work that they do for the organization, the transformational power that the bike can have on kids, some of the programs that they offer, and so much more!

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

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What we talked about:

3:30- Introduction to RJ and Amy and their roles in the organization

6:50- What Trips For Kids is

14:00- Programs that Trips For Kids offers and how the chapters work

21:15- How they had to shift in 2020 and create new programs

27:55- How they provide bikes for each of their chapters

32:45- How they run the national organization so smoothly while being the only two employees

39:15- The holiday match that they received

42:25- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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