Episode 71: Farah Nanji- Finding Your Own Way

Farah Nanji is a DJ, journalist, TEDx Speaker, podcast host, and the founder of Regents Racing. As a teenager, Farah was diagnosed with Dyspraxia which is a developmental coordination disorder that affects 5% of the world’s population. Farah shares in this episode how she has never settled and allowed Dyspraxia to be a weakness of hers as she has created her own processes to become an entrepreneur in two industries, music and motorsport, that rely heavily on motor coordination.

Farah’s business, Regents Racing, is a business that explores leadership lessons from Formula One racing. Farah also recently launched her podcast, Mission Makers, where she interviews people involved in music, motorsport, business, and other industries.

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

What we talked about:

3:40- Introduction to Farah Nanji

5:00- What Dyspraxia is

6:30- The process of becoming diagnosed with Dyspraxia

12:10- Different ways that she thinks that the education system could change to help students in situations like hers

16:50- Her experience in Formula One Racing

23:15- What Regents Racing is

28:50- The popularity of Formula One Racing in the UK

31:55- Female involvement in Formula One Racing and motorsport

37:05- Farah’s DJ career and the impact that it has had on her life

44:20- How you find clients and gigs as a DJ

48:05- Farah’s Ted Talk- “Rewiring Dyspraxia from the Brain”

59:50- Her one message to individuals that have dyspraxia

1:00:45- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Farah Nanji’s Website

The Mission Makers Podcast

Mission Makers on Instagram

Farah on Instagram

Farah on Facebook

Farah’s Ted Talk- “Rewiring Dyspraxia from the Brain”

Book Recommendation: Business Lessons from Motor Racing by Mary Jenkins, Ken Pasternak, and Richard West

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