Episode 295: Andrea Ramirez Limon – Mexico’s 3rd fastest all time Marathoner; 2:26:34 at The Marathon Project

Andrea Rameriz Limon places 6th at the Marathon Project in a time of 2:26:34 on December 20th. This was a huge break through race for Andrea as hit the Olympic Standard for the first time (Olympic Standard is 2:29:30) AND she became the third fastest marathoner from Mexico of all time.

Andrea has a remarkable story of pursuing her passion even when others told her to move on. She ran her first race at the age of 18 when she entered a 10K. Though Andrea ran in college, she didn’t realize what her potential really was until a few years ago at the age of 25 when she started working with her coach. She ran her first marathon in Houston 2020 in a time of 2:32, missing the Olympic Standard. Later in 2020 she ran the World Half Championships in 1:10, setting herself up for confidence to hit the standard at the Marathon Project.

Enjoy my conversation with Andrea!

What we talked about:

4:15- Goals going into The Marathon Project race

9:30- How she found running when she was 19

13:10- What life was like growing up in Mexico City

14:20- Her post collegiate training and how she started working with her coach

18:25- Running in college and what lead to her breakthrough races post college

23:05- What the selection process for the Mexican Olympic Team looks like

24:35- What is next in her running

33:40- Recapping her race at The Marathon Project

39:00- Her current sponsorship situation

40:00- Accomplishing her Olympic dreams

42:00- Losing her mom at such a young age

44:40- Andrea’s passion for singing and the music that she listens to

48:10- Her confidence while she runs

49:45- End of podcast questions

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