Episode 293: Keira D’Amato – 2:22:56, 7th fastest all time American Marathon and 2nd at The Marathon Project

Keira D’Amato placed second at The Marathon Project this weekend in a time of 2:22:56, putting her as the 7th fastest Female American marathoner of all time. She has been on fire this year running an American Record in the road 10 mile in 51:23, a 15:04 5K and a 68:57 half at the Michigan Pro Half.

Keira ran for American University with coach Matt Centrowitz Senior and was 6th at the NCAA Division 1 Cross Country Championships in 2005. Post collegiately she trained with D.C. Elite for a short time and then took a big break from competitive running. She has had a really impressive marathon progression since running her first marathon in 3:47. This winter, Keira placed 15th at the Olympic Trials in a personal best time of 2:34:24. She is also the mother of two and a full time realtor.

Keira has been a previous guest on the podcast, so make sure to go check out those interviews on episode 216 and episode 244.

I am so excited for Keira and I hope that you enjoy my conversation with her!

What we talked about:

5:55- Reflecting on her Olympic Trials race

6:55- Thoughts going into The Marathon Project

11:30- The goals and plans after the Olympic Trials and some of the training that she focused on for this race

13:30- Seeing Kellyn and Sara take off and the motivation that gave her

15:05- Focusing on having fun in the race

18:50- The perfect pacing that Nick Willis and Ben Bruce did during the race

25:40- How she felt throughout the race

27:15- Goals to go after the American Record in the future

28:55- Goals for the Olympic Trials in the track

32:30- The confidence that the races this summer gave her

33:35- Her current situation with finding sponsorships


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