Episode 68: Sarah Hillware – Harnessing Power to Achieve Gender Equity

Today’s guest is a woman who holds many titles — social entrepreneur, global health strategist, advocate for women and girls and former Miss District of Columbia. Sarah Hillware is a force who has overcome fear to take risks, escaped domestic violence as a child and is breaking down gender inequality. In today’s episode we talk about equity, equality, intersectionality, how she started Girls Health Ed and what she is doing now in her role as Deputy Director of Women in Global Health. Sarah’s background, tenacity, passion and willingness to take risks are all part of her story and have driven her to lead important global change.

This is episode is hosted by Kristin Srour
What we talked about:
2:20- Introduction to Sarah Hillware and her career
9:30- Her experience escaping domestic violence and the resources that she wished she had
15:10- What lead her to start her own organization, Girls Health Ed, and what the organization does
23:15- The girls that Girls Health Ed serves in the United States
27:45- The work that she does now with Women in Global Health
41:20- Competing as Miss District of Columbia
45:20- The app that she launched called She Wins
54:00- End of podcast questions
Show Notes:




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