Episode 13: Jeena Wilder – Talking with your Kids about Race, Transracial Adoption & Learning with your Kids

Jeena Wilder is the mother of four, an adoption advocate and a new homeschooling mom. She gave up the virtual learning thing and just went full on homeschool on her own! I bow down.

Her and her husband have three biological children and one child through a kinship adoption. We get to hear about how their family came to be and what it looks like to be a multi-racial family. Jeena and her husband always knew they wanted to adopt but just weren’t sure how it would come about.

In this episode we discuss how to talk to your kids about race and why it’s important to start early. Jeena also shares about learning with her kids and how she feels that is a really key piece of how she parents.


What we talked about:

3:00- Jeena’s decision to homeschool her kids

12:15- Introduction to Jeena and her family and the process of adoption

18:00- Jeena shares about having a multiracial family

21:30- Talking to your kids about race

27:00- A teaching moment that she had recently with her children labeling themselves by their race when playing princesses

34:35- The meaning behind her children’s nicknames

38:50- Jeena’s experience with going to therapy with her daughter

46:05- Her thoughts on not always knowing all of the answers and teaching her kids that it is okay to not always know everything

51:05- End of podcast questions


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