Episode 290: Rachel Schneider – 31:09 at the Track Meet & 8th Fastest All Time American

Rachel Schneider just won the 10,000m at the Track Meet in a time of 31:09 making her the 8th fastest American to ever run that distance. It’s been a long time since Rachel last raced and in this episode she shares with us what her mindset was going into this race. Her perspective on running, racing and life in general is refreshing and beautiful.

Rachel is sponsored by Under Armor (there’s a good story there on how that sponsorship came about in the episode!) and she lives in Flagstaff with her partner and coach Mike Smith, along with their three sweet dogs. In this episode we also get to hear about her college career at Georgetown and how her coaches had a positive hand in developing her not just as a runner for their team but as an individual, taking a more holistic approach.

We also learn about her relationship with the Dark Sky Distance group and who she trains with out in Flagstaff. Rachel also gives some amazing book suggestions which you know I’m a sucker for!!

So excited to see what’s next for Rachel!!

What we talked about:

3:55- Thoughts on The Track Meet that just happened

6:25- Background on Rachel Schneider and her running history

8:45- How she got connected with Under Armour

12:00- Her progression from the 800m/1500m to now racing the 10k

14:15- Her involvement in the Dark Sky Distance group but having a different coach

17:50- Recapping the recent 10k at The Track Meet and her mindset going into the race

20:45- Progressing into longer workouts over the years

21:40- The achilles injury that she dealt with this summer

23:25- The events that she plans to specialize in or try in the future

26:20- Some of the people that she trains with in Flagstaff and what it’s like to train with Diane Nikuri and Sara Hall

32:25- The internal mindset that she has and how that leads to success

40:15- Her plans to potentially continue to move up in distances and try the half marathon and marathon

41:25- Working with Mike Smith as a coach and being able to watch the NAU team develop

42:55- The transition from college to professional running

44:15- Handling the coaching transition from Coach Miltenberg to Coach Mike Smith her senior year of college and how their coaching styles differ

48:05- Her development of training throughout college

58:10- The joy that she has in her running and her life

1:01:15- End of podcast questions

Show Notes: 

Stillness is the Key – Ryan Holiday

The Book of Joy – Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu

More Myself – Alicia Keys

Untamed – Glennon Doyle

Between the World and Me – Ta Nehisi Coates

Cutting for Stone – Abraham Verghese

The Daily Stoic – Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman


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