Episode 67: Melissa Jones – Girls Positivity Club

Melissa Jones, founder of the Girls Positivity Club joins me on the podcast today!!

Melissa grew up as an ordinary middle-class girl in Indiana who had loving and supportive parents. Over time, she lost her sense of self when she moved schools, when her dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, and when she stopped taking care of her body thereby losing any self-esteem and confidence she ever had in herself. 

It wasn’t until she joined a community of women looking to transform their lives that she finally began to transform hers and she started asking herself why there wasn’t a consistent voice in the community pouring into teaching girls positive habits and confidence techniques while joining them together to form this bigger sense of belonging. There were programs, but nothing that was consistently teaching young girls how to be proactive in confidence and self-worth before adulthood.  

Melissa created Girls Positivity Club where she works directly with girls through weekly virtual coaching groups and clubs teaching girls how to have positive habits in self-belief, confidence, and empowerment for themselves and in supporting other girls.  

This episode is hosted by Lindsey Hein.

What we talked about:

2:50- Introduction to what Girls Positivity Club is and what lead Melissa to start it

12:50- How she became so passionate about working with young girls as a mom of a 12 year old son

15:20- How Melissa started Girls Positivity Club after having the vision and how it has continued to grow

21:00- The mindset and strengths that she hopes the girls in her programs leave with and stories of girls that she has worked with

26:40- The importance of having an outside person teach your kids about positivity

31:25- The purpose that working with girls gives Melissa

32:10- The research that she has found about girls confidence throughout their life

35:10- Goals for Girls Positivity Club

37:15- Where to find out more information on Girls Positivity Club if you want to learn more

37:40- End of podcast questions

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