Episode 10: Kariss Farris – Not doing this alone: Family, Business, Faith and Childbirth

Kariss is a photographer, write and speaker. She’s a business owner and the mother of three.  She is the Co-Owner of Pharris Photos & Philms, alongside her husband Joshua. They specialize in wedding and commercial photography.

In this episode Kariss talks with us about walking through four miscarriages as well as what it’s like to run a business with her husband. It is an exciting year for their family- they have hired on 6 employees over the past year and are really growing- both in the business and their family as they have recently had their third child. You are going to love Kariss’ positive energy and excitement for life.

What we talked about:

2:30- Juggling working at home and parenting with kids at home this year

5:45- The balance that Kariss has found with wanting to work even while resting after having a baby

6:45- The decision to hire employees in her business

9:15- How her and her husband met

11:00- Getting pregnant early on in her marriage

11:50- Walking through four miscarriages and the emotions that she felt with those

23:25- Growing up in a single parent home and with a strong faith

26:45- Starting a business with young kids and not being afraid to ask for help with the kids

31:30- What Kariss’ business is and what it is like working with her husband

33:45- Being married to a dreamer and someone with a lot of ambition

38:00- How she prioritizes her marriage while working with her husband

40:45- The importance she places on taking good photos of her children so that they can look back on memories

43:10- Her organization system for her family photos

49:30- How her business has grown in recent years and how she has brought on several employees

54:40- Talking about her birth stories

1:00:45- End of podcast questions


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Pharris Photos

Super Natural Childbirth

Childbirth in the Glory

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