Episode 286: Gerda Steyn – 2019 Comrades Champion and 2018 & 2019 Two Oceans Champion

Gerda Steyn is a South African runner who just placed 7th at the London Marathon in a time of 2:26:51 – a personal best time!

Gerda is the 2018 and 2019 Two Oceans Marathon Champion as well as the 2019 Comrades Marathon Champion. She ran the course record for the up run at Comrades in a time of 5:58- the first woman to ever  break 6 hours in the up run.

Gerda’s story is so unique in that she didn’t start running until 2014 when she joined a running club and discovered her love and talent for running. She’s truly still in the beginning stages of her career – it’s so exciting to think about what’s head for Gerda!

What we talked about:

2:45- Details on the 10k race that Gerda just ran

3:45- Recap of her London Marathon race

8:05- The London Marathon experience in general and how she pulled motivation even when she didn’t have spectators cheering her on

12:10- The most challenging part of the London Marathon

17:30- Being in lockdown in Dubai with her husband and not being able to train outdoors

20:55- What her original race plans were for 2020

22:20- Her decision to compete in both the marathons and ultramarathons and how the training differs for both

26:35- What the Comrades Marathon is 

35:30- How she started running in 2014

46:00- What she learns from athletes that have been competing for so long

48:35- When her first breakthrough race was and how that lead to being sponsored by Nike

56:10- Gerda’s thoughts on barely missing the South African record at the London Marathon

57:30- The qualification process for the South African Olympic team

59:30- The culture of women’s running in South Africa

1:04:20- What is next for her and her goals for the coming year

1:06:55- End of podcast questions

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