Episode 64: Yuri Williams- A Future Superhero and Friends

Yuri Williams is the founder of the nonprofit organization, A Future Superhero And Friends. Yuri started the nonprofit after his mom passed away from cancer in 2009 and in this episode, he shares all about what his mom taught him and the kind, compassionate and giving traits that she passed on to him. His nonprofit is really unique because it isn’t tied to just helping one group or community, he really strives to make an impact on the lives of many. This includes the elderly, children, veterans, individuals experiencing homelessness, kids in hospitals, individuals with disabilities, and so many more! Within his nonprofit, he has put together so many projects and events including blood drivers, movie nights, toy drives, feeding and clothing the homeless, and he even has visited all 50 states while doing a good deed in each state along the way.

Yuri is one of those people that gives everything he has, time, money, resources, and so much more to help others and make this world a better place. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Yuri and leave the conversation ready to do your own acts of kindness in your community as well!

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.


What we talked about

2:50- Yuri’s childhood and what his mom taught him growing up

3:30: The impact that Yuri felt from losing his mother 

5:50- How he initially got involved with helping the homeless

10:30- Why he decided to start the nonprofit rather than continue to do what he was doing for people independently

12:55- How he decided on the name for the nonprofit

14:00- Why he is involved in helping so many different groups of people

16:00- How he fundraises for the nonprofit

16:55- Some of the projects that he has recently worked on

20:20- The work that he does as a correctional officer outside of running the nonprofit

21:40- Plans to work full time for his A Future Superhero nonprofit

22:05- Travelling to all 50 states to do good deeds in each state along the way

27:30- His goals for the nonprofit in the next 5 years

28:30- What he did to help others during COVID

32:15- End of podcast questions


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