Episode 285: Jessica Hull – 4X NCAA Champion & Australian Record Holder X 3

Jess Hull is a 4-time NCAA Champion from Australia who ran for the Oregon Ducks throughout her collegiate career.

Signed with Nike after giving up her 5th year of eligibility and is now coached by Pete Julian.  In 2019 she made the World Championships team in the 1500m for Australia and this summer she set 3 new Australian Records: 5,000m (14:43.80), 1500m (4.00.42), 3000m (8:36.03) and was officially selected for the Olympic team for Australia.
Jess ran under coach Maurica Powell (former guest on the show) for three of her four years in Oregon and in this episode we get to hear about that relationship and also get to hear about when she won the 1500m at the 2018 NCAA championships.

Photo Cred: Etianne Fiacre @etiennefiacre


What we talked about:

4:05- What this year looked like for Jess

6:15- What the qualification process is for the Australian Olympic team

7:55- Reflecting on her decision to turn professional with one year of eligibility left

10:55- Being coached by Maurica Powell and the decision to come to Oregon for college and be coached by her

16:00- The process of being recruited to schools in the United States/NCAA system

19:30- The hardest part about coming to the United States for college

22:00- The difference of opportunities for running in college in the United States vs Australia

23:35- What lead to her having a breakout year in college

25:30- How to cultivate trust with your coach

27:40- The transition when Maurica Powell took the coaching position at the University of Washington and Helen Lehman-Winters took over coaching at Oregon

36:00- The story of winning the 1500m national title

41:25- The process of deciding to sign with Nike and Stephen Haas as an agent

47:45- Her plans for the next few months of coming back to the states for training and the process of getting back to Australia during COVID

59:30- Her recent engagement

1:01:30- Officially being selected to the Australian Olympic team

1:06:20- End of podcast questions


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