Episode 63: Casey Crouse and Trevor DeWitt – One Thousand One City

Casey Crouse and Trevor DeWitt are on the show today. Back in June they started a project called One Thousand One City and completed this September.

One Thousand One City started as a project aimed at connecting the city of Indianapolis by running 1000 miles through its neighborhoods in 100 days. The goal is to meet its citizens, listen to their stories, and share what they have to say.

When the world often seems too big and disconnected, sometimes the best thing a person can do is to set out on their own two feet and simply meet people where they are at.

At its core, OTOC is about taking on a difficult challenge in order to achieve growth towards a better sense of connectedness and understanding to those around us. Through OTOC, another project – New Shoe Day was formed and you’ll hear all about that and their vision for turning it into a non profit in this episode!

Casey is a passionate ultra runner,  passionate about movement, self-betterment, connecting to people and sharing personal stories of impact. Both Casey and Trevor work for Edge Mentoring  – an organization that pairs young professionals with community leaders, EDGE provides the space for whole-person development while connecting generations in meaningful mentoring relationships.

Trevor is the logistics guy and not only did he run every mile with Casey for this project but he mapped out much of it and made sure the planning was all figured out.

This is a Cross Over Episode- it is also being aired on I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein!


What we talked about: 

4:15- When they started One Thousand One City and what drove them to do this

5:15- Introduction to Trevor DeWitt

16:50- Introduction to Casey Crouse

19:50- Casey’s running history

28:18- What One Thousand One City is and why it got started

34:50- The purpose and mission behind One Thousand One City

43:15- What the next steps are for One Thousand One City and what New Shoe Day is

49:50- Fundraising money throughout the project and where the money went

52:05- Their plans for their New Shoe Day nonprofit

1:00:30- End of podcast questions


Show Notes:

One Thousand One City Website

Edge Mentoring

 Monumental Kids

We talked about A LOT of books – here they are:

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Maggie Rogers

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