Episode 8: Miranda Anderson – Less Stuff, More Adventure

Miranda Anderson is here to encourage us to simplify.

Miranda Anderson is the mother of three and the founder of Live Free Creative Company and her mission is to provide tools for women to live a creative, adventurous, and intentional lifestyle.

Miranda is also the author of More than Enough, a book that shares a time when she  felt weighed down by the mass of belongings her family had been accumulating and decided to take an entire year where they would stop all unnecessary shopping. It meant learning to use what they already had and being more creative.

In this conversation Miranda will give some tangible tips for getting starting with some simplifying of your stuff and we also talk about some fun new family tradition ideas.

Enjoy my conversation with Miranda!

What we talked about:

3:05- Introduction to Miranda Anderson and her business

11:00- Assessing what we already have before going out shopping and buying more

16:30- Tips on ways to declutter

21:20- Ways to organize chargers and cords

29:55- The importance of word choices that she discussed on a recent podcast

33:30- The balance of finding joy in holiday decorations and not having too many and ways to use what you already have creatively

45:00- Limiting stuffed animals with her kids

46:50- Teaching her kids to simplify and giving them the choice of what to declutter

50:25- A three step challenge to simplify and declutter

56:25- Her book and the 1 year no shopping challenge that she did

1:07:20- End of podcast questions


Show Notes:

Miranda’s Website

More than Enough

Everyday Reading

What Miranda is reading: 
Kid Book Recommendations:
Connect with Miranda:




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