Episode 7: Sergei Urban – The DadLab; Learning with our Kids

Sergei Urban from The DadLab is here to talk about connecting with your kids through science. What started as a hobby doing experiments and projects with his own two kids turned into a full time gig where he encourages other parents to get invested in learning with their kids. He is also the author of a really cool book that shares some of his favorite experiments called The DadLab.

One of my favorite take aways from this conversation was – if you don’t know anything about science it shouldn’t stop you from doing science with your kids. I love that he encourages parents to learn WITH their kids.
Enjoy my conversation with Sergei!
What we talked about:
2:50- Introduction to Sergei Urban
4:15- How The Dad Lab got started
7:00- Transitioning from doing freelance work to being a full time stay at home dad and then eventually starting The Dad Lab business
10:35- Why he chose to do science projects for The Dad Lab and what else he does through his business
18:30- Tips for parents to get involved in doing science experiments with their kids
26:00- His favorite experiment and instructions on how to do it 
30:15- How to cultivate curiosity within your kids
37:20- Sergei’s rules around his kid’s technology use
45:00- End of podcast questions
What Sergei is reading: 
Kid Book Recommendations:
Connect with Sergei:




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