Episode 60: Laura and Phil Wentworth – Education in Belize

Laura and Phil Wentworth are the Founders of a nonprofit called Lot 25. Phil is the Foundation Director has 15+ years of experience working in Belize, Phil is vested in the culture and community.

Laura serves on the Board of Directors and also has 15+ years of experience working in Belize. Twelve years of teaching experience, primarily in early childhood education. Laura served as a Head Start teacher and Administrator for five years before moving to Higher Education.

Lot 25  aims to provide opportunities for students in Belize who dream of continuing studies after primary school but are limited by financial and academic barriers.


What we talked about:

2:50- How Lindsey met Laura and Phil

4:55- Having a pilot’s license and how Phil initially got interested in that

8:50- How Laura and Phil met

11:30- What Lot 25 is and how it started

16:05- The sustainability of their nonprofit- Lot 25

21:00- How many students they are assisting in Belize with their nonprofit

24:15- What jobs and employment looks like in the community in Belize that they work in

28:25- Laura’s experience and career in education

34:35- What their student teachers do when they go over to Belize

37:15- How COVID changed their plans with the nonprofit and their experience of being in Belize when the shutdowns were happening

42:15- The meaning behind the name Lot 25

44:10- How they help each student financially

48:50- Where to find more information about Lot 25 and follow what they are doing

50:00- End of podcast questions


Show Notes: 

Lot 25 Website

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