Episode 5: Andrea Thorpe – Connecting with our Kids

Andrea Thorpe is the mother of three girls ages 16, 14 and 9 so I felt like I was talking to a Mom who was a few steps ahead of me and that as really comforting. She is a homeschooling Mom and the founder of the African American Homeschool Moms. We’ll learn about her heart behind founding the organization and how it provides resources and support for other African American home schooling Mommas.

Andrea is also a writer and has created a really cool book that is a special resource designed to help parents and children slow down and connect with one another.

In this conversation we talk the importance of connecting with our kids and provide simple ideas for ways to do that including asking our kids more questions. (I love these ones that Andrea shared – If you were in that situation what would you have done? Asking them about their own goals, aspirations) We also talk about giving our kids options and Andrea gives some great thoughts on talking about hormones with teenage girls.

It’s a good one! Grab a cup of coffee, get your shoes on for a run or walk or pop the headphones in for your grocery trip. This conversation with Andrea will fill you up and encourage you to connect with your kids today.


What we talked about:

3:30- Introduction to Andrea Thorpe and her family

6:20- The most important things that she cultivated with her kids while they were younger

8:45- How she encourages honesty and cultivates trust with her kids

10:45- Giving your child a decision as to when they have the hard conversations and allowing them some space

11:50- The African American Homeschool Community that she has created

15:40- How to separate school mode and mom/family mode while homeschooling

20:55- The scheduling system/calendar that she uses to stay organized

25:00- The journal that she created to help connect you with your kids

33:00- How we can slow down and connect with our kids

40:50- How she processes the time that has passed by so quickly with her kids as they grow up

43:00- Her favorite thing about parenting teens

43:55- How she handled talking with her teenage girls about body changes and hormonal changes during the teenage years

52:20- What she has taught her kids that she hopes they will pass on and teach their kids

55:40- End of podcast questions


Show Notes: 

African American Homeschool Moms

Lindsay’s Letters Calendar (that I don’t use but want to use haha)

What Andrea is Reading: 

Jackie Robinson’s Autobiography – I Never Had it Made

Kid’s Book Suggestion: 

The Little Prince

Connect with Andrea:

Andrea on Instagram

Andrea’s Facebook Group – African American Home School Moms

Connect with Us:

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