Episode 4: Katy Allan – Savoring the Flavoring: Fun Recipe & Cooking Tips

Katy Allan is the woman behind Savoring the Flavoring  She is the mother of three boys and makes a dinner I wish I could be a part of every night. She is a writer, food blogger and loves cooking everything homemade. Her Mission: “to make the Standard American Diet a little less SAD, one home-cooked, real-food recipe at a time.”
In this episode Katie shares about her passion for food and schools me on some cooking basics like why I should use avocado oil instead of olive oil for certain things (which was super helpful because I get lazy and just use olive oil for everything!) We also talk about not being afraid of fat and salt and Katie shares a couple of amazing recipes as well as some simple meal planning ideas.
My question for you all- anyone else hide the expensive almond butter from the rest of their family?!
What we talked about:

3:30- Katy Allan introduces herself and talks about her current school setup for her kids

7:30-How Katy started her Instagram and Blog Savoring the Flavoring

11:25- Why she was living in California when her kids were born and then moving to Georgia

14:10- How her and her husband met

20:25- Her relationship with food and the mindset she hopes to pass on to her family

25:45- A delicious salad dressing that she made

29:28- Why everyone should be shopping at their local farmers market

36:15- Her best fried green tomato recipe

44:20- Meal planning tips for everyone

52:40- End of podcast questions

Show Notes: 

Salad Dressing Recipe:

Pecon Butter
Squeeze of lemon
Sea salt
The Best Fried Green Tomato:
Cut Half inch Thick
Pork Panko
Dredge them lightly in cassava flour or any flour on both sides (creates a glue)
Dip into a beaten egg
Dip in pork panko or whatever crumbs you want to use
What Katy is Reading:
What I’m Reading:




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