Episode 279: Tristan Woodfine – 2:10:51 in London; A Canadian Olympic Standard!

Tristan Woodfine just ran the Olympic Standard for the marathon at the London Marathon this past weekend in a time of 2:10:51. He has quite the marathon progression story- in April, 2018 he ran his second marathon in 2:18:55 at Ottawa Marathon which was a 9 minute PR from his first marathon. He then ran 2:15:19 in Houston January 2019 and a 2:13:16 at the Toronto Marathon in October 2019.

Tristan is a former triathlete who says he doesn’t miss the swim or the bike much at all. I loved hearing about all the changes Tristan made in his training to make sure he was squeezing every last bit out of himself to run the fastest possible marathon. In this episode, Tristan tells all about his progression in the marathon, how he improved his time so much, what his training for the 2:10 marathon looked like, and so much more!

Tristan lives in Opeongo Hills, Canada with his fiance and has his own coaching business as well.

Photo credit: Madeline Yungblut

What we talked about:

3:15- How Tristan is recovering from the marathon

4:25- His running history and how he switched from triathlon to running

8:45- His progression in the marathon going from a 2:27 marathon debut to his recent 2:10:51 personal best

12:45- How he decided to give up his career pursuits in becoming a paramedic to run full time and how he made it work while being unsponsored

17:00- Training in Kenya this spring for altitude training for his original plans of running the London Marathon this spring

20:30- How Tristan transitioned his training once the London Marathon was postponed to the fall

22:20- Time goals going into the London Marathon

23:50- The decision to go back to being coached by his triathlon coach and what their relationship looks like

26:00- What his training specifically looks like

32:30- The specifics on the London Marathon “bubble”

35:15- The weather at the race and how that played into his race

37:00- Specific details on his race

41:35- The process of getting selected for Team Canada for the Olympics next summer

44:20- Big changes that he made in his training to improve mentality, running form, and stay injury free

47:25- How he changed his running form

49:15- Top mobility exercises that people should be doing to reduce injury and improve running

53:00- End of podcast questions

Show Notes:

Glute activation exercise

Broken Earth Series

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