Episode 3: Bianca Dottin – Mama’s of the NICU, Life after Loss & Thriving with a Chronic Illness

Bianca Dottin is an incredible woman who has walked through so much. You are going to be in awe of this woman.

She is the Mother of three kids, 9 year old Tatiana and 6 month old angel baby Tristan, and her rainbow baby Trevor.

After walking through the incredibly difficult experience of being a NICU Mom, Bianca created the organization called “Mama’s of the NICU” to support other moms going through similar circumstances. Mama’s of the NICU aims to help moms cope with their time in the NICU by providing journals and survival kits to NICU moms, connecting them with past NICU moms as mentors, and providing an educational outlet through a blog with information, personal stories and past experiences. They also have a great community in their facebook group you can join if you area past or present Mama of the NICU.

Bianca also shares about her need for a kidney donor and how she chooses to work hard and thrive regardless of her circumstances that often times are very challenging. Learn more about Bianca’s need for a kidney donor here.

Bianca is fun, she’s encouraging and she also has a ton of fun DIY, lifestyle, fashion and travel fun over on her website! I hope you enjoy this conversation friends!

Photo Cred: Kate Kelley Collection

What we talked about:

5:30- Introduction to Bianca and her family

7:05- her son Tristan, her pregnancy journey, his NICU experience, and losing him

11:50- how she handled parenting her daughter while grieving the loss of her son and how she helped her daughter handle those hard times with therapy

16:30- the NICU experience

22:20- Creating bonds with other families in the NICU and the emotions that you go through when others in the NICU can go home with a healthy baby or when they lose their child

26:50- Her organization, Mama’s of the NICU, how it started, what it is, and how she hopes to help other moms through the organization

30:50- How her Facebook group can serve as a support group for moms going through postpartum depression

32:10- Message to moms in the NICU and/or walking through loss

34:05- Message to moms that are unsure how they can continue going on after a hard time

35:15- Her diagnosis with a kidney disease and how she has walked through that

41:10- Navigating the fear for her own health while continuing to show up as a good parent for her kids

42:50- Waiting to receive a kidney donation

44:50- Prioritizing and working on her marriage while going through hard times

46:15- Finding Mama’s of the NICU

48:40- End of podcast questions


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Bianca’s Website

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Mama’s of the NICU

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Big Magic

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