Episode 2: Katie Crenshaw – Founder of Her Body Can; How to Communicate Self-love and Body Positivity to our Kids

Katie Crenshaw joins us to talk about Body neutrality and ways to talk with our kids about having a healthy body image. Katie is the Mother of three and has a great message for post partum Mother’s who are questioning how their body is “supposed” to look and a message for the parent trying to create a healthy environment around the topic of body image in their home.

I am grateful for Katie’s leadership on this topic and hope that you get as much out of this episode as I do.

What we talked about:

3:50- Introduction to Katie Crenshaw and her parenting journey

5:45- Her recent blog post about life during the pandemic and realizing how so much of her happiness is tied to her productivity

8:00- How she has accepted that she doesn’t find her full identity in motherhood and how that lead her to starting her blog

10:55- How she started Her Body Can and what lead her to becoming so passionate about body positivity

17:10- Teaching young boys and girls to have body positivity for themselves and respecting other bodies

23:20- Teaching people to love bigger bodies and love all bodies

25:15- Modeling good body image and accepting your body as a parent

27:50- Her philosophy around food and meals with her kids

30:55- The Her Body Can book

33:45- Running the New York City Marathon and the story of why she did it

42:00- Messages to moms about their bodies changing after having kids

44:30- What she wants her kids to remember about her as a mom and the messages that she taught them

45:20- End of podcast questions


What She’s Reading:

Atomic Habits

Kids Books Suggestions:
Connect with Katie:





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