Episode 1: Emily Calandrelli – Emily’s Wonderlab

Emily Calandrelli joins us for episode one! About a month ago my kids discovered the new netflix show “Emily’s Wonderlab” and I immediately knew I had to try to book Emily for thi brand new podcast.

Emily’s Wonderlab is an educational show about science that does an amazing job engaging with kids and teaching them important science skills. One of the first things that will catch your eye when watching Emily’s Wonderlab is that she is very pregnant as she hosts the show. A badass woman scientist pregnant with her first baby. Amazing.

Here is a little more info about Emily pulled from her website: 

Emily is an MIT-engineer turned Emmy-nominated science TV host. She’s the Host and Co-Executive Producer of Emily’s Wonder Lab on Netflix, She’s featured as a correspondent on Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World and an Executive Producer and host of FOX’s Xploration Outer Space, which airs in 100 million households each week. Her first science children’s book series, the Ada Lace Adventures, are now available for purchase. She recently launched the third Ada Lace book into space as part of the Storytime From Space program.

Emily is also a professional speaker who has spoken at venues like Google, Pixar, MIT, Texas Instruments, CERN, and dozens of K-12 schools and Universities around the country. She focuses her talks on the topics of science communication, space exploration, and women in STEM. Her 3 TEDx talks are available on YouTube.

Emily’s educational background is in engineering and policy. At West Virginia University she received bachelors in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. While at WVU she was awarded the Goldwater scholarship for research and Truman scholarship for policy work.

She received her Masters from MIT in Aeronautics and Astronautics as well as Technology and Policy.

What we talked about:

6:30- Introduction to Emily Calandrelli and how she got into science

8:45- Why she got into production and doing science shows

10:00- The behind the scenes creation of Emily’s Wonderlab Show

11:15- Being one of the only females in her undergraduate science program and how that translated into the science production industry

16:00- Emily’s thoughts on how to be kind when teaching or explaining science

18:05- How she approaches conversations when people don’t believe in science

20:10- How both parents and kids can become science literate

22:00- Working with Bill Nye for the show “Exploration Outer Space” and how it has shaped her

25:00- What she has learned from Bill Nye

29:35- Getting young girls into science and the STEM field

30:35- Her book series, the Ada Lace Series

32:10- How having her daughter has changed her views on her career

35:30- Why it is important that we are doing space exploration

36:00- End of podcast questions

41:30- Listener questions from kids!

Show Notes:

Emily’s Website

Ada Lace Series

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