Intro: Why is Everyone Yelling

Hey everyone! WELCOME to Why is Everyone Yelling!

As the mother of four I’ve always envisioned myself creating a show where parents can connect, grow and feel supported. 

Parenthood is beautiful and it’s also really hard. In the eight short years of experience I have, I have learned over and over again that I may need to rethink how I do things around here. And I often times find myself saying, maybe yelling “why is everyone yelling.”

My hope is that you will leave this podcast each week armed with something that will help you in your own parenting in some way big or small. 

What I really envision is that you will smile, you will give some solid head nods and you will feel supported. 

This is a weekly podcast that will drop every Tuesday. We are super proud to bring this show into the SandyBoy Productions podcast network. It joins I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein, The Up and Running Podcast and The Illuminate Podcast. 

We have already created a Facebook group for this podcast called “Why is Everyone Yelling” and you can also connect with me on Instagram I’m @LindseyHein626 over there.


Episode 181: Hailey Magee – Stop People Pleasing and Find Your Power

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