Episode 49: Hawa Kipilili-Educating the Next Generation

Hawa Kipilili joins The Illuminate Podcast today! Hawa is from Arusha, Tanzania where she is the founder of the non-profit organization, Senda Success. She started this organization because she saw a disconnect between teachers, parents and children even while they were all facing big challenges. Hawa is very passionate about education and reforming education in Tanzania so she got creative in how to help her country and village. Senda Success provides teachers’ training and consultancy, parenting seminars, and after school and holiday programs. At the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdowns, Hawa was upset when hearing that children would not be attending school and not have the resources to continue learning during those times. She gathered teachers from around the area to put together a radio program where teachers would share a daily lesson that kids could use to learn from home.

In this episode, Hawa also talks about her tough upbringing where both of her parents and the rest of her family abandoned her and left her to raise her siblings by herself. She went on to attend university and become a school teacher all while raising her younger siblings. Hawa was such a fun guest to have on the podcast because of her passion for education and children, her love for everyone around her and the joy that she brings to everything that she does.

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

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