Episode 264: Lopez Lomong

Lopez Lomong is a 2X Olympian and just ran a new 5K PR at the age of 35 at a Bowerman Track Club Intersquad meet. His story to where he is today is a story of faith, hope, courage and tenacity.

He is from South Sudan and at the age of 6 was taken by soldiers from his family at a church service where he was held captive until he escaped with three older boys. He then went to live in a refugee camp for 10 years before coming to the United States. There is so much to unpack with his story and he shares about it in this podcast episode but in much more detail in his book “Running for My Life” which you should all go pick up today!

Lopez has been a dream guest for the show for a long time. He has such an amazing life story and I can’t wait to share it with you all here today!

Show Notes: 

Bowerman Track Club

Running for my Life 


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