Episode 47: Molly Huffman – The Moon is Round

Molly Huffman joins us on the podcast today! She has a story of loss and grief but also a story of hope and peace.  She is the author of the new book “The Moon is Round” which recounts her story.
Over the course of 6 years she lost her mom, suffered a miscarriage, lost her 8 month old son and her marriage. It’s a lot. Yet through it all she clung to her faith (though it was hard a lot of times)… her faith carried her through.
When her son Tage was sick she started a CaringBridge site to keep her friends and family informed and ultimately point people to God. Over 20,000 views and hundreds of messages sharing Tage’s story, Molly realized how much his short life was impacting lives in really big ways.
In this episode Molly and I talk through her story and I hope it brings you feelings of peace and purpose for your own life!
This episode is hosted by Lindsey Hein.
Show Notes:
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