Episode 261: Shelby Houlihan & Karissa Schweizer – Sub 14:30 5K, New American Record

Shelby Houlihan and Karissa Schweizer join me on the podcast today! These Bowerman TC ladies just slayed the 5K in their intersquad meet last Friday coming in blazing sub 14:30. Karissa finished the race in 14:26 and Shelby in 14:23 breaking Shelby’s 2018 American Record of 14:34.

If you haven’t listened to my first episodes with these ladies- make sure you catch them to learn more about their backstories! Karissa was on a solo episode on episode 235 and this is Shelby’s 4th time on the show, she joined Bowerman teammates Colleen Quigley and Courtney Frerichs in episode 25, she came on solo on episode 108 and came on in episode 133 after breaking the American Record in the 5k in 2018!

Show Notes:

Shoe Dog

The Silent Patient

The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck

Before She Knew Him

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