Episode 46: Jor-El Caraballo- Viva Wellness

Jor-El is a licensed mental health counselor trained in psychological counseling. His experience includes working with both the NYC Anti-Violence Project and LGBTQ young adults at the True Colors Residence of West End Residences, HDFC and educating about sexual assault prevention, healthy sexuality and consent, and mental health and stress management.  Jor-El is the co-founder of Viva Wellness, a holistic health and wellness practice.

In this episode, Jor-El discusses finding a therapist that is right for you, the lack of representation of black individuals in the therapy field, having no shame in your feeling your emotions, his health and wellness practice Viva Wellness,  and providing therapy and counseling for everyone, no matter their race, ethnicity, sexuality, or gender.

If you enjoyed hearing from Jor-El, he has a podcast of his own with his co-founder of his practice, Rachel, where they talk about wellness and share their knowledge, experiences, and interview bright and interesting guests.

This episode is hosted by Emma Benner.

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