Episode 257: Diane Nukuri

Diane Nukuri joins me today on the show!  Diane grew up in Burundi and competed in her first Olympic games at the age of 15 in Sydney. She is a three time Olympian and in 2016 she placed 5th at the NYC Marathon.

After seeking asylum in Canada from a country that had been in Civil War for years, Diane was recruited to run for the University of Iowa with Coach Layne Anderson where she was a three time All American. She has a marathon PR of 2:27:50 and you’ll hear in the interview that her favorite distance is the half marathon where she olds a PR of 69:12.

In this episode you’ll hear about life growing up in Burundi, making her first Olympic team at such a young age and what her journey to the United States looked like and so much more!

Diane was so kind to stay on for an extra 20 minutes for our patreon supporters! Check out patreon.com/lindseyhein and support at the $5 level or more to gain access to that!

Show Notes:

Becoming – Michelle Obama

Alicia Keys on Arm Chair Expert

Gabrielle Union on Oprah

Being Mary Jane

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