A Note from Lindsey

It’s Lindsey. I am coming to you with a quick update.

Normally this is where you would be listening to a new episode of IHA. The episode I planned to release this week was Olympian Nick Willis. It’s a great episode which I can’t wait to share with all of you but given the current events in our World it just doesn’t feel right to release it right now.

For now, we are pausing and stepping back and letting other people do the talking.

I hope we will all educate ourselves on race and the history of black plight in our country. I am committed to listening and examining my own life and will take action with how I raise my family and connect with my community to be a voice for justice and equality.

We will continue to deliver weekly fun light hearted, relevant and interesting conversations with runners, athletes, coaches of all backgrounds and abilities.

If anyone has a conversation that they feel needs to be heard on IHA, I’d love to hear about it and you can email me at Lindsey@sandyboyproductions.com

For now be well and stay safe everyone. See you soon!

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