Episode 251: Emily Infeld & Elise Cranny

Emily Infeld and Elise Cranny of the Bowerman Track Club join me today on the show! This is the last of the Fun Friday series I’ve been doing over quarantine. I knew it would be a good one to cap the series off with. Big thanks to Koala Clip for supporting this 6 part series!

Emily is a 2015 World 10k Bronze Medalist, a 2016 Olympian in the 10k and a 2018 US XC Champion. You can hear more from her in episode 21 and episode 147 of this podcast!

Elise is one of the newest members of the Bowerman Track Club- she was a 12 time All-American at Stanford and was runner up at the NCAA championships 4 times.

One fun thing to note is that Elise and Emily were both coached by Coach Chris Miltenberg in college so it was fun to hear them talk about that and then of course being coached by Jerry Schumacher now.

This conversation is super casual and laid back and along with how they are handling training during quarantine, we also get to hear what they’ve been up to outside of running and how they are feeling about the coming year. We also have some fun listener questions at the end and get to hear who on the Bowerman team they think would make the best Bachelor contestant.

Show Notes:

Bowerman Track Club

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