Episode 248: Chris Turner honoring Ahmaud Arbery #irunwithmaud

Today I speak with my friend Chris Turner. This episode is dedicated to honoring the life of Ahmaud Arbery. Chris and I talk about racial injustice and what we can do about it in this Country.

Ahmaud Arbery was an unarmed black man out for a run when he was shot and killed by two white men. This happened on February 23rd and the arrest for his murder finally happened yesterday, Friday, May 7th after a heart wrenching video was released.

TODAY, Friday, May 8th there is a 2.23 mile run to honor Ahmaud- join me for a run, walk or jog and use the hashtag #irunwithmaud

A little bit more about my guest today – Chris is a graduate of Florida State University and lives in Tallahasee, FL with his wife of 12 years Shanell, their 5 year old daughter Roxanne, and their pets Dali (dog) and Draco (cat). He has a 15 yr old son Dylan who lives in Pittsburgh. Growing up a military brat (mother Navy, dad Marine Corps) he grew up surrounded by “diversity”. He’s a runner and triathlete who has completed 8 marathons and 3 half iron mans. In his free time he serves as an assistant cross country coach at Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, a board member of the local Red Cross, and a fundraiser for the Donna Foundation. He’s a fan of Disney, Doctor Who, Hamilton, and wants to remind you that not all Slytherins are Death Eaters.

I met Chris through my work with the Donna Foundation and when I posted about Ahmaud yesterday, we started a discussion through facebook messenger and I asked him if he would share his thoughts on this podcast. I am grateful for his voice and that he was willing to come on and share!

Thank you for tuning in today friends.

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