Episode 36: Katie McKenna – Aggressively Chasing Joy

Today’s guest is a woman who is a beacon of light and hope. Her beautiful story and message come at time where the world faces so much uncertainty. More than 10 years ago, on a sunny morning bike ride in Brooklyn, 24-year-old Katie McKenna was forever changed when she was run over by an 18-wheeler. Being crushed under a massive semi wasn’t something Katie should have survived. After 10 hours of emergency surgery, she woke to find herself in a body and a life that would never be the same.

In today’s episode she shares her personal story of this trauma, her recovery and her incredible outlook on life. She has chosen the path where she celebrates small bites and little victories. And feels she is living life for all people who didn’t get a second chance. For Katie, this translates into living in the present moment and aggressively chasing joy.

Katie uses her story as a parallel to what the world is facing today and asks some tough and beautiful questions and challenges us to live fully present and find joy, despite uncertainty, fear, and a new “normal”. You will leave this conversation inspired, hopeful and ready to dream and aggressively chase joy.

This episode is hosted by Kristin Srour.

Show Notes:

Katie McKenna

Katie’s Memoir: How to Get Run Over by a Truck

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Alison Roman’s Spiced Chickpea Stew

Alison Roman’s Garlic Braised Short Ribs

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