Episode 35: Courtney Hoyle and Amanda Stevenson- Open Adoption

This week we are talking to Amanda Stevenson and Courtney Hoyle. Amanda and Courtney share a daughter through open adoption, Courtney the birth mother, and Amanda the adoptive mother. They share their story about creating a family for Margot their daughter that is filled with love. They, along with Amanda’s husband Micah, have chosen to raise Margot in a way that supports family, adoption and loving each other through hard places.

Hosted by Emily Reddington


Episode 489: Stephanie Howe

Stephanie Howe is an ultrarunner supported by North Face, a toddler mom, and has a PhD in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology and loves teaching people how to eat and train for long-term health, performance, and happiness. Stephanie’s career highlights include: 2014 Champion of Western States, 8th at 2015 Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc, 2015 Champion … more »



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