Episode 242: Courtney Dauwalter, Maggie Guterl, Sally McRae

Courtney Dauwalter, Maggie Guterl and Sally McRae- there of the most badass women in Ultra Running join me today for a light hearted fun conversation. Nothing really serious here just good people and good times!

We do get to hear about the Quarantine Backyard Ultra the three of these ladies just participated in and the 100 miles they are potentially planning to run next weekend as well.

Toward the end, we dive into some new song/quarantine ideas, a little trivia and some listener Q&A!

To note- this isn’t my best audio quality and about 20 minute in the audio does improve a decent amount!

If you are new to the podcast- make sure you catch my original episodes with Courtney; Episode 202 and Episode 137 and Sally; Episode 145. You can also hear my live podcast and watch the entire video with Sally when you support my patreon page!

Show Notes:

Happy Playlist on Spotify

New Fun Song Ideas:

Today – Smashing Pumpkin

We Stayed Up All Night – Tourist

Hold On – Wilson Philips

Freaking Out – Arizona

Games & Workouts to Try:




Koala Clip

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