Episode 33: Jennie Weiner – Engaged Compassion Through the Uncertainty of COVID-19

Episode 33: Jennie Weiner – Engaged Compassion Through the Uncertainly of COVID-19

Dr. Jennie Weiner authored the viral New York Times Op-Ed, I Refuse to Run a Coronavirus Home School. Today on the show, Jennie talks about the narrative that led her to write this piece and how she’s approaching having her kids home full time (hint: it doesn’t involve color coded schedules). Jennie is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at University of Connecticut with a focus on Kindergarten through 12th grade. We talk about how the school systems are handling the shut downs, how coronavirus has further illuminated inequities in schools that need our collective attention and advocacy, and how to show engaged compassion and grace during this unprecedented time. 

Jennie asks two important questions that got me thinking: Who do you want to be to your kids? Who do you want to be in the world right now?

This conversation is insightful, real and looks toward how this time can lead to positive change.

This episode is hosted by Kristin Srour.

Show notes:

Jennie Weiner

Jennie on Twitter

The Teaching Wars by Dana Goldstein


Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes




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