Episode 239: Ashley Higginson

Ashley Higginson is a full time lawyer and qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials in her first marathon this past fall. Prior to this season of life- she competed professionally as a 3,000 meter steeple chaser running in both the 2012 and the 2016 Olympic Trials.
A little bit about Ashley’s backstory – she went to Princeton University  where she was a 7 time Ivy League Outdoor Champion (5k, 3k, and 3k steeple). Her junior year at Princeton, she was 3rd place at the NCAA Outdoor Track National Championships in the 3k steeple. She graduated as a two-time All-American in the steeplechase.
Ashley trained with the New Jersey-New York Track Club to train for the 2012 Olympic Trials and ended up training with them for five years. During this time she was also in law school at Rutgers University. She went on the get 4th at the 2012 Olympic Trials in the 3k steeple, missing the team by just over 2 seconds.  In 2013, Ashley made the World Championships team by getting 2nd at the USATF outdoor national championships in the steeplechase.
In 2016, Ashley finished 9th at Olympic Trials with all her hopes on making the 2016 team. She retired from professional running soon after to pursue her career as a lawyer.
In this episode Ashley and I talk about those life transitions, deciding to go Pro and then deciding to move on from it as well as what it was like to be coached by the legendary Frank Gagliano. There is much about Ashley’s story we can relate to even if most of us will never compete at the level she did!
I hope you enjoy this conversation with Ashley!
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