Episode 32: Sarah and Mark Canney – Encouragement Based Parenting

Sarah and Mark Canney are on the show today talking about encouragement based parenting! Most of us are spending a lot more time at home and if we have kids, a lot more time in the house with the kids. I wanted to talk with Sarah and Mark because I have heard them discuss their parenting style for a couple years now and I personally aspire to bring some of the core values they talk about into my own home.

Mark became interested in a better way of parenting right from the start of the adventure of having three kids who they now home school. Reading lot’s of books on the topic, he eventually went on to get a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Sarah runs her own business connecting and empowering women through her retreats – Rise Run Retreat and Mark, a retired plumber is the full time home schooling parent in their home. Wait until you hear about the meditation practice they do with their kid every morning. It sounds intimidating but it’s not!

This is a great conversation- no perfection here, just helpful ideas we can all implement into our lives. If we want. I hope you take some helpful information here and more than anything I hope you walk away feeling encouraged to take one small step!

This episode is hosted by Lindsey Hein.

Show Notes:

The Time Timer

Beneath the Scarlett Sky – Mark Sullivan

The Denial of Death – Ernst Becker

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