Episode 31: Peter Dunn – Financial Expert

What is going to happen with the economy over the next few months? Should I invest now? Should I wait? Should I have cash on hand? What should I do if I do get a stimulus check from the Government?

These are all questions, Peter Dunn, also known as Pete the Planner answers for us today amidst the financial strain some are facing during the COVID19 outbreak.

Pete is an award-winning comedian and an award-winning financial mind. He’s a USA TODAY columnist and the author of ten books. He is the host of the popular radio show and podcast The Pete the Planner Show . Pete has appeared regularly on CNN Headline News, Fox News, Fox Business as well as numerous nationally syndicated radio programs. In addition to his work educating the public, Pete is also the CEO and Founder of Your Money Line and Hey Money. Pete lives in Carmel, Indiana with his wife and two young children.

This episode is hosted by Lindsey Hein.

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Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

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