Episode 30: Fred & Milton Ochieng – Humanity, Community and a Father’s Dream

Episode 30: Fred & Milton Ochieng – Humanity, Community and a Father’s Dream

Today’s episode will take you to a community in rural Kenya and tells a story of struggle and despair turned to hope. You will hear the amazing journey of Fred and Milton Ochieng. Who came from a community in Kenya called, Lwala, and both found their way to Dartmouth College and then to medical school in the United States.

It was Fred and Milton’s father’s dream to open the region’s first health clinic, and he was instrumental in organizing village elders and convincing them to donate land, resources, and labor to make that dream a reality. Tragically, both of Fred and Milton’s parents died of AIDS while Fred and Milton were studying in the United States and before the clinic was built. Fred and Milton resolved to fulfill their father’s dream of bringing health to their community — finishing the clinic and founding Lwala Community Alliance.

The themes of today’s episode include humanity, community and connectedness of the globe and I promise you’ll leave inspired.

And in the scary time we’re in right now with COVID-19, it’s a good reminder about the importance of health care and the heroes who are our health care providers and workers.

This episode is hosted by Kristin Srour.

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