Episode 27: Maria Baer- Organize Your Everyday

We are almost through February which means spring is around the corner! For many of us, spring means warmer weather! No matter where you live, though, spring also often means a fresh start.
If spring cleaning is on your to-do list, today’s episode is for you! And even if spring cleaning is the furthest thing from your mind, this episode may change your perspective.
Today we are talking to Indianapolis-based organizer, The Baer Minimalist. Maria Baer helps clients reorganize their spaces, declutter their lives and find a better way to be organized and styled.
The topic of organization and minimalism is a hot one in today’s society. We’ve seen this ring true with popular shows like, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Our guest today sheds some light on the trend of organizing and she also encourages us to think about not only what we’re getting rid of, but what we’re buying in first place. Do you need it? Do you really need it? What would life look like if we bucked consumer-driven society?
Episode Hosted By: Sarah Holsapple




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