Episode 26: Kim Holden – Taking Birth Back

What do architecture and birth have in common? For one, in both cases you can design an experience. But in this case, it’s this week’s guest, Kim Holden!

Kim was a founding principal of the world-renowned architecture firm SHoP. After more than 25 years of design and of cultivating and fostering the culture of the firm, she embarked on a new path as a doula, starting her business Doula X Design. She brings her design expertise and business acumen to the birthing space.  

In today’s episode, Kim talks about her decision to leave her 25 year career in architecture to follow her passion of supporting mothers in birth. She talks about the process to making this big change and reminding herself “This is my one life, what do I want it to look like?” Her new calling is to give mothers, their partners and families the emotional and physical support and the safe space that is critical to having an empowered, loving birth and postpartum period. She discusses how we can take back birth, the Frida Mom ad and postpartum. There’s so much to learn from Kim in today’s episode, not only about birth, but about career changes and when to know it is time for a change. 

Hosted by Kristin Srour

Show Notes:

Kids of Kathmandu

Frida Mom Ad

Your Birth Plan by Megan Davidson

Nurture by Erica Cohen

Babies are Not Pizzas: They’re Born, Not Delivered by Rebecca Dekker

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