Episode 224: Kelly Vigil

Kelly Vigil is the woman behind the virtual races that give back – More Miles More Fun! She recently raised over $26,000 for fire relief in Australia with over 2,200 people participating in her race for that.

Kelly works full time in fundraising, is the Mom of two little ones only 15 months apart and just completed her first 50K this past fall. Kelly started running in 2011 and since has completed 25 half marathons, 7 marathons and has a goal of completing a 50 miler. She has a unique story in that her fastest marathon was her first and she is motivated to knock that time of 4:48 down, break four hours AND work towards qualifying for Boston.

I love Kelly’s positive nature and go-getter attitude about tackling what needs to get done. I love the if not now, when and if not me who mentality she seems to carry with her day to day and really hope you all gain as much inspiration from Kelly as I did in this conversation!

Show Notes: 

Run for Australia

Still I Run

When Less Becomes More – Emily Ley

Kelly’s Shirts – Happy Runner

Lindsey’s Training Plans – Half Marathon & Marathon

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